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QubicaAMF 82-90XLi Bowling Equipment
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QubicaAMF 82-90XLi Bowling Equipment


QubicaAMF 90XLi Bowling Pinspotter Features:

• Machine status light towers shows status at a glance

• Self-monitoring and self-adjusting

• LCD diagnostic display, located on each control chassis, monitors operation and shows position of major components

• Diagnostics check of motors, switches, sensors, ball detector, foul unit and front end ball lift

• Constantly monitors motor amperage, so if a jam does occur the pinspotter shuts down, eliminating a potential major repair

• Solid-state components for trouble-free operation

• Micro processor controlled pinspotter functions, easily field upgradeable

• Dual pitlights with instant start

• Pin detection camera for accurate and instant pindata

• QubicaAMF smart cycle (strike, 7/10pick, offspot pin)

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