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AMF 82-90XL Bowling Machine
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AMF 82-90XL Bowling Machine


Main Components of AMF Pinspotter

1.    Pinspotter Cushion and Curtain Assembly

The cushion stops the ball and changes its direction towards the pin wheel.

2.    Pinspotter sweep
The main purpose of the sweep is to shift the fallen bowling pins and the pins that remain on the pin deck. Also, the sweep prevents the bowling ball from entering the machine zone during the setting or resetting phase of the pins.

3.    Carpet Belt
A carpet is a wide belt on which downed pins fall and move to the lift wheel (pin-wheel). A special board inside the carpet provides support for the pins and leads the ball into the bowling lift.

4.    Pin Wheel
Pin wheel picks the bowling pins off the carpet and moves them to the distributor.

5.    Distributor
The distributor delivers the bowling pins from the pin wheel to the shuttle. The distributor works continuously and receives a rotational movement from the engine of the rear block.

6.    Pinspotter Ball Lift
The lift lifts the ball from the carpet to a height sufficient to return the ball under the action of gravity. The lift is between a pair of pinspotters (odd and even).

7.    Shuttle

In the Shuttle there are bowling pins that delivered from the distributor. The shuttle sets the pins on the pin deck. In the shuttle there can be 2 sets of bowling pins.

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