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AMF 82-90XL Bowling Alley Equipment
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AMF 82-90XL Bowling Alley Equipment


AMF 82-90XL Pinspotter Features

The AMF 82-90XL bowling equipment has become one of the worlds most popular bowling pinspotters manufactured to date. It’s reliable, quiet and energy efficient. This primarily electronic machine has one chassis per pair reducing the cost of parts inventory while adding some slick features to bowling pinspotter operations and faster cycle time’s.

Automatic pinspotting has come a long, long way since AMF unveiled its 2-ton, 6000-part, 9-foot-tall pinspotters in 1946. Today's AMF bowling machines are smaller, simpler, faster, quieter and more reliable. Vastly so. There are fewer parts to go wrong and fewer spare parts to inventory. Troubleshooting and repair are dramatically easier.


The AMF 82-90XL is precision engineered to higher standards. The 90XL delivers at least 20% more games per hour than competitive machines. That speed translates directly to increased capacity and revenue for your bowling center. It uses almost half the moving parts of our closest competitor. This translates to the highest level of reliability in the industry.


  • 20-pin bin.
    Only the AMF pin bin holds all 20 bowling pins ready for spotting to keep the game moving -- even after consecutive strikes.
  • Efficient pin distribution.
    AMF pinspotters send pins directly to their spotting stations -- without time-wasting detours around the machine or back down the carpet.
  • Shorter cycles.
    If a gutterball is thrown or if just the 7 or 10 pin is knocked down, AMF pinspotters automatically shorten their cycle because there is no "dead wood" to sweep away.
  • Automatic foul correction.
    When the bowler steps over the line during a throw, AMF pinspotters automatically register the foul, clear the pins and spot a new rack.
  • Out-of-range pins.
    The ability of AMF pinspotters to re-spot "out of range" pins is 2.5 times greater than that of competing machines, dramatically reducing manual re-spots.
  • Convenient machine access.
    A single, solid state central control bowling chassis is located in the rear of the AMF82-90XL bowling machine so the mechanic doesn't have to climb over the machine or onto the lane to access electronic controls. Low-profile design makes access easy.
  • Simple design.
    Other machines use complicated systems of belts, pulleys, chains and complex electrical systems. AMF pinspotters use almost half the number of moving parts and a single control chassis per pair.
  • Quality engineering and manufacturing.
    High-tensile-strength steel alloy gearing enclosed in oil-filled housings and coupled to solid state motors is used for all drive applications. Electronics are 100% solid state.
  • Advanced electronics.
    AMF's advanced electronics synchronized with innovative bowling mechanics maximize cycle efficiency under all conditions.
  • Instant pin counts.
    An advanced, self adjusting electronic camera system and infrared ball speed sensors send data instantly to the bowling pinspotter's control chassis, where state-of-the-art software optimizes machine cycle time for the fastest frames possible. AMF pinspotters do not have to lower a spotting table to "feel" for the pins.
  • Reliability.
    Setting the standard in the industry, well-maintained AMF pinspotters achieve several thousand frames per stop.(Over 4,800 frames per stop were achieved at the 2002 ABC Tournament where over five million frames were bowled.)
  • Energy efficiency.
    Efficient design means AMF 82-90XL pinspotters can use lower horsepower motors, which use less electricity. Units can be set to shut down to energy-saving standby mode if there is a long delay between frames.
  • Self-diagnostics.
    AMF's self-diagnostic display makes the mechanic's job easier and repairs faster. Instead of just a code, the display gives a short LCD message through the manager's control unit that speeds diagnosis of the problem.
  • Safety.
    AMF pinspotters employ an array of guards, warning lights and signals, safety-lock electrical connectors and safety power-off locks, including a unique lock out/ tag out system. They also operate at least 10 decibels quieter than competitive machines.
  • Ball exit system.
    AMF pinspotters use a moving paddle mechanism to push pins clear of the ball door and eliminate time-consuming pin jams.

Our professional and rich experience (10+ years experience in bowling industry) technician team is our guarantee to provide reliable AMF bowling alley equipment and bowling alley installation service. Strict and careful reconditioning work on AMF bowling equipment will ensure our refurbished bowling equipment looks like new and performs like new. We are quite confident with our AMF bowling equipment quality and we haven't received any negative feedback yet from our customers in our past sales years.

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