Remote Control Service on Scoring System
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Remote Control Service on Scoring System

2017-10-07 14:08:04

Sometimes center owners headache on bowling center’s scoring system problem. If the scoring system has some technical problems can't be solved by center staff, it would need bowling equipment supplier company's technician to go to solve these problems on site. However, this will cost much because of the round flight tickets between two countries.

From now on, this headache problem is not problem at all. With the powerful software Supreme Technology installed in the scoring system, our technicians can use computer at our side connect the bowling center management system, as long as bowling center's scoring system is connected with internet. Via this software, our technician can remote control the front desk computer to check bowling center scoring system problems, do setup work for the customers, as well as solve the technical problems. This service support by us will save cost for our customers and free bowling center owners away from bowling center scoring system problems.

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